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~Team IBIZA Indonesia~

Team IBIZA Indonesia is involved with a local company in Indonesia, which produces Wood Pellets ・ Wood Chips・Bio Coal・Power Cable・Pelletizer to be used for Biomass Power Generation Projects etc at the same time IBIZA Corporation is an overseas authorized dealer dealing with Biomass Fuels, industrial materials, etc.

 ~ Indonesia Local Company Agent ~

Team IBIZA Indonesia is acting as an Indonesian division of IBIZA Corporation for revitalizing Biomass Power Generation Project etc. Team IBIZA Indonesia has increased its involvement with local companies in Indonesia, which produces Biomass Fuels, etc., and various problems have been revealed at the same time. Southeast Asia · Vietnam has been exporting Wood Pellets · Wood Chips in large quantities abroad overseas by the Ministry of Finance trade statistics. In Indonesia, Biomass Fuels etc. are not familiar, there are few Indonesian local enterprises with large production capacity like local companies in Vietnam, but there are possibilities for Indonesian Biomass Fuels etc. in the long term as 5 to 10 years later we understood.

We never think that we should be able to offer Wood Pellet and Wood Chips cheaply to users. The most important thing is “Stable Supply” and “Sticking to quality that does not corrode combustion equipment (Power Plant Boiler) etc”. We heard that Wood Pellet and Wood Chips in Vietnam are mixing “Rice Husk” so that they can be sold at low cost.

 ~ IBIZA Corporation Benefits as an Authorized Overseas Agent ~

  1. To stabilize Overseas Export Prices  

  2. Expansion of the number of Sales of Biomass Fuel, Industrial Materials etc. in the Japanese market · Korean market or others markets

  3. It is possible to correspond in Japanese, English, Indonesian Language

  4. We have good and helpful information about Biomass Fuel Companies in Indonesia.

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~ Step into a country with the possibility of Indonesia ~

The large country of Indonesia that we had imagined at the beginning was only “congestion”, “flood”, “population number 4th place” and “parent nation state” only, but as interesting information was heard as the stay period overlapped There were a lot of things to come. Most people say that “Indonesia is a developing country, but it is almost same with Tokyo.” However, in fact it is only on the surface that it is developing.

If you go to Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, you can get most of the things and you do not have to worry about living. However, looking at newspaper articles, information magazines, etc., there were mostly articles on infrastructure such as “a state where electric power is still insufficient in Indonesia”.

Furthermore, noticing that I step into Jakarta, the economic center of Indonesia, is a terrible congestion over the imagination.

When asking Japanese and foreigners staying in Jakarta for a long time, it is very troubling about traffic jams. Not to mention commuting and returning home rush Often cars do not advance even from 13 o’clock to 15 o’clock.

Originally it should be possible to reach the destination in 20 minutes, but it took about 1 hour to do many times. Other than that, it is said that more than 1500 Japanese companies are entering Indonesia, but the factors that attract Japanese companies are that the richness of the population that Indonesia has today is a factor that encourages investment and business expansion we feel that it is becoming one.

Although it will be slightly dry against Indonesia, it is a fact that “sense of responsibility” “labor willingness” is insufficient and it is a fact that companies with foreign capital, including Japanese affiliates, are overwhelmingly overwhelming. In the country where the economy / infrastructure of Japan is well prepared, it is not noticeable inside, but anyone can know that it is a country that has the potential to see Indonesia at the same time there are a lot of opportunities to do new business.