〜2019 New Year Greeting〜

2019 New Year Greeting

We apologize that the 2019 New Year Greetings has been delayed. We have not posted here for a while since the middle of August 2018 and have been extremely busy. In the New Year Season we always devoted to collecting information about Biomass Fuels and putting them into work. There were various events during the five months we could not make time to post here. The IBIZA Corporation doe not only have a team in Indonesia and South Korea, but also cooperates with a private company in Canada and has a team in the Philippines. As for private companies in Canada, they have the longer company history than us to engage in selling Biomass Fuels for Large Thermal Power Plants and Biomass Power Plants, feed for food companies, and sale of feed for Animals and Livestock. The person in charge of sales contact have the a lot of acknowledge against them. There are so many things we can learn from the person in charge, and we are studying daily. We are also engaged in sales activities in the Japanese market and the South Korean market without losing.

As for our Philippines team, those who retired from the US and European companies from the start of the retirement period are now working together with their members. In the Philippine market, we will work on the sale of Coco Peat, Coconut Oil, Corn Cob Meal, Copra Cake and so on to be able to sell them to Japanese Market and South Korean Market.

Thanks to them, our products handle not only Biomass Fuels (Wood Pellets, Wood Chips, EFB Pellets, OPT Pellets, PKS), but also Animal Beds, Animal Feed, Coco Peat, Copra Cakes, Coconut Oil etc. It becomes, and the handling materials increase little by little.

As for Biomass Fuel for Large Thermal Power Plants and Biomass Power Plants, we think the Biomass Fuel Industry is extremely unstable because it has a very short history compared to Oil, Heavy Oil, Coal and so on. There has been a complaint from the South Korean importer that the Korean market has received a certificate from the Forest Management Association such as FSC certification and PEFC certification when importing Woody Biomass Fuel from the October 2018, last year. It is said that this import restriction will be enforced from October / November of this year. With the liberalization of electricity in the Japanese market, many Japanese companies are trying to co-fund to build a Biomass Power Plant as IPP. It is unclear whether Woody Biomass Fuel will be sufficient while Biomass Power Plants will increase. Not only Wood Biomass Fuel but also Palm Biomass Fuel and other Biomass Fuels will increase a lot.

We will work in good faith.

Thank you very much this year.


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