〜The Plan to Business Trip to Indonesia2〜

〜Visit plan to Indonesia · Jakarta 2〜

I planned to visit Indonesia for 5 days from Saturday, August 11th to August 15th (Wednesday). I will visit Indonesia for 1 year and 3 months. I personally like Jakarta, so long holidays try to visit Indonesia as much as possible.

① Visit to a Collaborative Company of Indonesia Leading Wood Pellet Manufacture

We met with the person in charge of the Collaborative Company for the first time at the “Biomass Power Exhibition” that was held at Tokyo Bigsight in this March. With the increasing demand for Wood Pellet in the Japanese Market and South Korean Market from now on, we will focus on this Biomass Power Plant Business. Actually, there is still part of the Indonesia Wood Pellet Manufacture Indonesian and Collaborating Company not showing the relationship and background to us, so that we will plan to talk with them when I visit to the office directly. Besides that, IBIZA Corporation (Team IBIZA Indonesia) is currently promoting the Corn Cob Meal from Canada to Japan Leading Food Manufacture, at the same time Indonesia Leading Wood Pellet Manufacture and Collaborative Companies will plan to produce Corn Cob Meal. By saying that, we will gather information as much as possible to see if we have sufficient supply capacity and quality etc for Japan Leading Food Manufacture

② Meeting with the person in charge of Indonesia Leading Wood Pellet Manufacture

The different from the person in charge of the Indonesia Leading Wood Pellet Manufacture of ①, there is another person in charge at the window that acts as Sales Agent. The person in charge is widely involved with Wood Pellet Manufacturers in Indonesia and is involved in various projects. Even Indonesia has many natural resources (Coal, Forest, Palm Oil Tree etc), many individual investors and companies are about to enter the biomass power generation business. We are considering requesting Malaysia’s Total Engineering Service / Machine Sales Business within that.

③ Discover New Business

When I visit to Indonesia · Jakarta, I am planning to meet friends working on various business. When I meet with them I would like to ask directly if there is demand for that field in the Indonesian Market. If there is something there, I would like to consider it to do as new business positively.

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