〜Business Trip to Vietnam〜

From May 2 (Wednesday) to May 5 (Saturday) meeting with Vietnamese Biomass Fuel Company that has Sale Agent Contract with us.

1. Build Relationship with Vietnam Biomass Fuel Company which has Sales Agent Contract with us.

2. Vietnam market survey · Discover New Business in Vietnam market

The person in charge from Vietnam Biomass Fuel Company that has Sales Agent Contract with us picked me up at a Ho Chi Minh Airport Vietnam in the afternoon of Thursday May 3 (Thursday). The location of the office is located about 30 minutes away from the airport, the first factory that I will show you this time was located 40 minutes away from the airport.

We visited the 1st Factory together with the person in charge and checked directly with the eyes to expand the production situation, manufacturing environment, manufacturing quality etc. of the biomass fuel. After confirming the 1st Factory, I moved to the office as it was and held a meeting for promoting sales of the Japanese market and the South Korean market.

The other day they will visit Japan for about 1 week from May 13 (Monday) to join the Biomass Pellet Trade & Power, so I decided to make an opportunity to meet with Japanese Buyer.

During the meeting, I was asked by them to promote “Animal Husbandry” . The raw material of Woody Biomass Fuel is Wood, and they can also be used for “Animal Bedding for, pigs, chickens etc” if the shape is changed.

We will build a good Business Relationship with a certain Vietnam Biomass Fuel company that has Sales Agent Contract with us.

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