〜The Potential of Empty Fruits Bunch・Oil Palm Trunk〜

~ The Potential of Empty Fruits Bunch · Oil Palm Trunk ~

Indonesia and Malaysia produce 80% of the world as a whole and are exported to many countries around the world.

Approximately 60% of palm oil imported in Japan is used for food products in Japan, food processing has been used as fat, shortening such as biscuits, margarine, snack confectionery and frying oil of instant noodles etc.

It is also used in frozen foods, etc. And the remaining 30% is used for household detergents such as detergents and shampoos, cosmetics and so on.

About tens of million tons of palm oil is produced annually worldwide, nearly half of which tens of million tons is occupied by Indonesia.

EFB is a residue which removed fruit for collecting palm oil, and about doezen tons (after removing water) is discharged from the plant refining palm oil a day.


Currently there are hundreds such plants in Indonesia, totaling about doezen million tons per year in total, but the majority of these factories are piled up in factory premises without processing destinations.


It is a problem that these corruption causes the generation of greenhouse gases and odors, and proper handling and effective use of EFB is a big issue for the country. Recently, there has been a movement to make effective use of these, Empty Fruits Bunch Fiber and Oil Palm Trunk become raw materials for producing corrugated cardboard, used as biomass fuel You can see the movement there. 

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