〜Diffusion of Circulating Fluidized Boiler · CFB Boiler〜

Articles on Biomass Fuels, Equipment・Materials for Power Plant, Large Thermal Power Plants, and Biomass Power Plants are taken up daily in the Environmental Newspaper that I receive every Wednesday after making an annual contract.

Most existing Biomass Power Plants today use Wood Pellets and Wood Chips, but supply is not catching up, as demand for Wood Pellets and Wood Chips is high. The price is rising as the demand increases.

Therefore, being used as an alternative fuel for Wood Pellets and Wood Chips is the Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) which has received attention in recent years.

However, when using Wood Pellets and Wood Chips, it was an ordinary boiler, but if it becomes Palm Kernel Shell (PKS), it will be impossible for ordinary boilers to deal with it. 

So, the CFB Boiler ・Circulating Fluidized Boiler is starting to become popular in recent years. CFB Boiler・Circulating Fluidized Boiler features a wide variety of fuels and is environmentally friendly.

Speaking of a wide variety of fuels, it corresponds to Woody Biomass, Low Quality Coal, Wasted Tire, Wasted Plastic, etc. Recently an article saying that Japanese Heavy Industry Manufacture ordered CFB Boiler from Japanese Electric Power Company.

We think that there are technologies that enable high-efficiency power generation, but we would like to use the Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) that can be used as a substitute fuel for Woody Biomass Fuel in the background It should have been sometimes.

Palm Kernel Shell(PKS)is also true, but EFB Pellet, OPT Pellet, Corn Pellet and Sugar Cane Pellet should also spread.

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