Malaysia・Kuala Lumpur Business Trip

Malaysia Business Trip

① Purpose

1. Build business relationship with Malaysian Engineering Company

2. Learning the knowledge of the EB Pellet · OPT Pellet

3. Collect information on Biomass fuel in Southeast Asia

The person in charge of Malaysian Engineering Company and the raw material owner of EFB Pellet・OPT Pellet Malaysian Chemical Listed Company that We had a good business talk with them. During the past year we have been acquiring knowledge about Biomass Fuels (Wood Chip· Wood Pellet) · contacting overseas manufacturers, so we, IBIZA Corporation · Team IBIZA Indonesia, so responsible for Malaysian Engineering Company. We were able to make a strong deal about the future trend of Biomass Fuel (Wood Chip · Wood Pellet) including EFB Pellet · OPT Pellet in Japanese Market · South Korean Market. Demand for Biomass Fuel (Wood Chip・Wood Pellet) is expected to increase rapidly between 2017 and 2020.

Currently it is difficult for overseas manufactures to accept the Biomass Fuel(Wood Chip・Wood Pellet)New Inquiries because they already received a lot of its Inquiries from Japan Market and South Korean Market. Especially the convenience is so higher than Wood Chips · The supply of Wood Pellet which can obtain usability equivalent to that of fossil fuel coal is not currently available.

So we decided to turn our attention to EFB Pellet · OPT Pellet, which is expected to attract attention in the future. EFB Pellet and OPT Pellet are EFB Pellet · OPT Pellet which is made by processing EFB Fiber · Oil Palm Trunk in the process of processing Palm Oil Tree raw material into shape of pellet. EFB Pellet · OPT Pellet can expect “Stable Supply”, “High Burn rate” etc, which is indispensable for always operating the Power Plant.

However, there is something you need to be careful about selling the EFB Pellet, which includes a lot of ingredients such as potassium etc. which will corrode the boiler of the Power Plant in the EFB Fiber contained in the raw material is. TreeHouz Asia Sdn Bhd has developed equipment for more than 2 to 3 years of research to bring it closer to specifications equivalent to normal Wood Pellet.

Malaysian Engineering Company seems to have started developing equipment to solve the problem. This business trip to Malaysia · Kuala Lumpur, it was a business trip that I was able to feel the possibility of the future EFB Pellet · OPT Pellet at hand. Speaking of biomass fuels, “Wood Pellet” and “Wood Chips” are often substituted, but as demand is being replaced by EFB Pellet・OPT Pellet, demand is definitely going to rise.



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