〜About the Capacity of Production in near future〜

For the further development of Team IBIZA Indonesia’s future business, Mr.Syukur who became a New Business Partner will work on the project with the attitude to learn various things.

Mr. Syukur is very light in footwork, and the connection with Biomass Fuel Companies are very wide, and at the same time various information enters quickly as individuals are working on various Business.

He is going to visit a Wood Pellet Company in Sumatra from Monday this week to supply Wood Pellets to customers of PT.Pelet Biomass Indonesia Syukur is working for.

The specific figures can not be disclosed, but according to new information from Mr.Syukur, the production capacity of each Wood Pellet Company will be increased this August, next year and the end of next year.

In the Asia within, but large-scale Thermal Power Plants and Coal-Fired Power Plant has almost imported from Vietnam and Canada, and we will see still in the 5 years to 10 years and the long eye Indonesia of  Biomass Pellet Companies there is a potential we feel it.

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