~ What we noticed in less than 5 months ~

It will be less than five months after Team IBIZA Indonesia started and it will be half a year after another month. In the past five months I have been in contact with various biomass enterprises, traveling and moving forward until I find a new partner. There is also a part that does not advance much, and frustration may accumulate, but in retrospect our Biomass Power Plant Business is surely progressing little by little.

〜Various connections increased 〜

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We have been working on Biomass Power Plant Business and we have been operating for less than 5 months. In retrospect, we have read daily various materials, kept in touch with my partner, and had a meeting on Saturdays and Sundays since we started our Biomass Power Plant Business. Of course, there were times when we had failed several times, but we were able to build various networks by making effective use of the Internet and SNS without giving up. In addition, we were able to make Agency Contract with several Biomass Fuel Companies, and by finding our partner as a new Sales Contact in Indonesia, our Biomass Power Plant Business is developing we understand. We think that “Knowledge” “Spirit” “Guts” will become more important in developing new business, but we think that the most important thing is “Action Power”. It should be able to increase the connection still more.

〜Importance of communicating information〜

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If we leave the activities etc. of our Biomass Power Plant Business as a record, we can grasp the progress situation of our Biomass Power Plant Business, and people interested in browsing the website may be more interested . If there is a possibility in the future, we think that there is also the possibility that various jobs and projects will come in. Even now, various projects are coming in, and it is thought that more busy will come. We think that it is important to approach companies and people directly, but we feel that it is important to transmit information on the homepage etc. every day.

〜 Importance of increasing choices 〜

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We have been keeping in touch with a certain Biomass Fuel Company since late January of this year, but there were many scenes where the middle talks do not engage and it has become a situation not going forward. So we will not get stuck, we decided to contact another Biomass Fuel Companies that had been keeping in touch for a while and talk about it again. We have decided not to lose contact with the company that the story ceases to mesh but to advance our Biomass Power Plant Business again with the recognition that we change the priority order. We believe that we can proceed with our business without failing if we increase choices even for businesses of any field.

Although we often do not notice it unless we tackle it, we will move forward with conscious of “Try and Error”.

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