Indonesia Salary for Local Employment

〜Indonesia Salary for Local Employment〜

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I think that many people are most concerned about salaries of overseas employment and Local Employment in Indonesia. I was concerned when I was hunting for work in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The table below shows the average salary when working at Indonesia’s local recruitment. In this case you need to pay attention to a little more salary in the case of new graduates. In the case below, it is salary in the case where 3 to 10 years of working experience in Japan were present.

Job Category Average of Salary
Sales Marketing IDR 20,000,000 ~IDR 35,000,000
Office & Clerk IDR 20,000,000 ~IDR 30,000,000
Technician IDR 25,000,000 ~IDR 35,000,000
Management IDR 30,000,000 ~IDR 50,000,000

I have also experienced approaching various Japanese companies, but as long as I work as a new graduate, I do not have skills and experience, so it is natural that my salary is low. The security company of the Japanese company I approached was a new graduate and was IDR 15,000,000. -.


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However, if you have special skills, salaries may be raised. Bonus In Japan I think that most of the time I get a bonus twice a year. In local hiring there is a Lebaran allowance, which may be paid for one month ‘s salary. Lebaran is a long vacation in Japan at the end of fasting. In Indonesia, it seems that companies will get 0 or 2 boarding times.

I think that it is a part that you must always listen to the company that you are hiring locally.

〜Language skill〜

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Indonesian fluency is good, and experience of staying is advantageous in all positions of Japanese companies. If the customer is an Indonesian, it is because the business becomes smooth if you talk in Indonesian. Depending on the company, the inside of the company may be the official language.


English is essential in most companies. I think that English is sometimes asked for business advanced level, and I think that positions will become less if it does not go beyond communication business level.


Most Japanese companies are asked which Japanese companies are required for Japanese.

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