〜What is Overseas Employment=Local Recruitment?〜

I got various information about Local Employment in Indonesia from person in charge of Temporary Staffing Company who took care of me when I was finding employment at Indonesia Jakarta. People who are considering Overseas Employment / Local Recruitment will be sure to disclose information on the Local Economy, Security, Salary, Benefits Welfare. Even now we have the opportunity to work as Local Recruitment in Indonesia, we receive the latest information every day from the person in charge.

What is Local Recruitment?

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Local recruitment is “Local Adoption” in contrast to expatriates “to sign a direct employment contract with a local company”. If you work for a Japanese company that is expanding abroad you know that you know, there are times when you visit overseas in various cases. Most people think that there are many cases of overseas business trips, overseas assignments, and overseas stays while being employed by Japanese companies in Japan.

Benefits of on-site adoption

1. Only in Indonesia can work in a favorite country.

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This time we focus on local recruitment in Indonesia, but as long as Japanese companies are in the countries where Japanese companies are entering, there will be various staffing companies, so we need to get job information etc. to inquire There is.

2. There is no overtime, easy to take world live.

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It should be heard from people who are hiring locally in Indonesia, but there seems to be no overtime · It seems that it is easier to acquire the world live band. Although it can not be said that it is a full-time company for the time being, it is heard from those who work as locally hired in Indonesia like that.

3. You can live in an Apartment / Apartment with Pool · Gym by welfare program.

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It is a lot of welfare benefits for job seekers for Japanese and I think that it is a pleasing welfare benefit for those working as local recruits in Indonesia. If overtime is low, it should be indispensable for maintaining health. I think that such benefits and welfare is not so much in Japan, but I think that Indonesia is unique to local employment.

Disadvantage of Local Employment

1. Income is lower than overseas expatriates Indonesia

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I think that it is the part that I will most carefully compare to those who are acting locally. Actually I see various articles on the Internet, but I think that is unavoidable. It is no use crying complaints because we are aware of this and are hiring locally in Indonesia. I think that there is no other choice but to raise salary by acquiring skills that other people do not have.

2. Welfare benefits are based on local standards

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Since welfare programs are local standards as I mentioned earlier, there is no public pension system or medical insurance system like Japan. But since January 2014 BPJS of Indonesia’s social insurance system began. Foreigners who work for more than 6 months are obliged to join, but they seem to have many undeveloped parts.

3. The future career is hard to see

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In recent years, job hopping (* Moving to a place where salaries are good) has become popular in Indonesia. In the case of local recruitment in Indonesia, I think that it is difficult to form a career after 5 to 10 years, but depending on the person 1. Return to Japan 2. Work in a different country 3. Work as an expatriate 4. Foreign-affiliated companies 5. I heard that there are people like Permanent Resident in Indonesia as it is.

In fact, I think that most people are different from the career they had imagined theirselves. I think that increasing choices as much as possible is unlocked.

The person in charge who I am indebted to is a person who emigrated to Indonesia and is working for a Large Temporary Staffing Company as a Marketing Adviser in Indonesia. Despite being the time of Pravate it will become friendly and will take a consultation about Overseas Employment / Local Employment in Indonesia. 

※ The people who would like to consult about the Overseas Employment / Local Employment in Indonesia, Please Contact here.

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