〜Encounter with PT.Pasona HR Indonesia〜

〜Encounter with PT.Pasona HR Indonesia〜

It is a tricky thing that my friend (Indonesian lady) worked at PT.Pasona HR Indonesia. When I was studying English for a year in Indonesia, she spoke to me in fluent Japanese. She encountered such encounters and she contacted me a couple of times despite my returning to Japan and getting job hunting.

〜Encounter with Marketing Adviser〜

Actually I was also a new graduate and I had thought about local recruitment in overseas employment in Indonesia. So she introduced Japanese women living in Indonesia. She is in charge of PT.Pasona HR Indonesia’s Marketing Adviser, and I got a talk about Japanese companies and foreign-affiliated companies in Indonesia. I am still listening to stories about security, economics, employment circumstances, salary, welfare benefits etc. in Indonesia to obtain the latest information from the person in charge of Marketing Adviser.

Although it became short sentence, I will update various latest information for people who are considering overseas employment · local recruitment in Indonesia from now on.

Two days ago I received a message from an Indonesian woman wanting to find a job in Indonesia Jakarta from the Contact Form of Team IBIZA Indonesia.

We are currently in the process of consulting for employment with introduction to the person in charge of Marketing Adviser of PT.Pasona HR Indonesia today. Team IBIZA Indonesia believes that various business can be developed.

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