~What we noticed in 4 months~

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For the first time as a Team IBIZA Indonesia business for about four months, and Fertile Borneo a year and two months have passed. You can feel various things when you start a new business like this individually and over time.

~ Be sure to cross the mind ~

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Prior to the Biomass Power generation project as Team IBIZA Indonesia, We were doing a Pepper Business as Fertile Borneo. Of course we are currently working as Fertile Borneo. We graduated from a certain university in the middle of March 2016, and in order to return to Indonesia with all members, we decided to start a Pepper Business as Fertile Borneo by three Indonesian partners and Japanese people . It will take three years until we invest in the Pepper Business we are working on in Indonesia and we can collect it. Our Pepper Business is a business starting from minus if it says easily. At the same time as our lives became more severe, “We have to do something”, “If we do not act it will end with a minus.” We think that it is definitely a phrase to be sure whenever we change something.

~ The importance of jumping ·  connecting with people ~

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We were able to find the person who is working on the Pepper Business in Southeast Asia for the first time in 4 months after our pepper business as us, on our website. We did not hesitate and contacted immediately, we promised to meet with president of Mr. Hayashi, at Ikebukuro station north entrance. Mr. Junichi Hayashi, the chairman, was surprised to see the plan of our Pepper Business. Mr. Junichi Hayashi, the chairman, told us that “There are not a lot of people working on risky projects in a young age.” Ms. Hayashi, president of Mr. Hayashi, had experience of Pepper Business for about 3 to 4 years and received various advice. The president of Mr. Hayashi, has developed a pepper business mainly in Cambodia but it is not developing in Indonesia, so we think that in the future we can work together as our pepper business gets on track .

Three months after we met with Mr. Hayashi, I met an Indonesian living in Japan who is also a Business Partner. At that time I told him, “Is there anyone who is doing business in Indonesia?” Then he replied, “Someone who is doing business in Indonesia etc. individually,” I promised to meet the person who is doing business in Indonesia individually.

I heard from him that “The office is in Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture”, and those who have an office in Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture on that day asked me to pick up at Chigasaki station in front of me. The company located in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture is IBIZA Corporation, and has business activities such as sports business, web design, regular overseas agency. If you look at the business of IBIZA Corporation you can see it but it is connected with many large companies and it will not compare with our Fertile Borneo Pepper Business. We introduced our Pepper Business to Mr. Shibahashi who is a business coordinator of IBIZA Corporation but he was surprised again.

Mr. Shibahashi of the business coordinator said, “When I was your generation, I was able to do my best to support my family, so you guys are going to leave before, if you have the opportunity to work together Let’s join us. We thought freely that “We do not have opportunities to work as a social worker”, but I felt it once again after listening if I talk with firm enthusiasm.

Although it may be thought that it is more interesting for those who took risks by investing monthly for the pepper business like ours, though there is a thing that does not involve thoughts and actions by all means while being young I do not.

In my opinion I think “acting with risks while young is taking a step forward from other people”. Since I do not want to fail, I think that it will not be possible to go forward one step at any time without risk. I think that it is the best wealth to meet various people through various projects, not thinking of making the project a success and becoming a rich man.

By acting with consciousness of the connection with various people, a new work may come in again.

As for this article, I am aware of one thing, I will further raise the action power from now.

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