~Toughness of Starting from Zero ~

~Toughness of starting from zero ~

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Team IBIZA Indonesia was the first biomass power generation project for less than four months.

At the beginning I started biomass power generation business in a state where I do not know anything, so it was serious.

Of course, there are many difficult things now, but it is not too much to say that the current business is continuing because teamwork is stable.

Everyone also thinks that many things hit various walls when trying to start new things, but it is nearly impossible to do all the work alone.

It is obviously more efficient that those who have promoted the business with people with the same directionality as it is.

The same article that I am writing now is the same ….

I started from all zeros.

~ Importance to make a business trip ~

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From late January this year, I kept in touch with personnel from the local company in Indonesia, planning a business trip and planning business negotiations in the beginning of May.

We talked about before, but I do not think that it will complete everything by email alone.

The most important thing is to visit the company directly and to show a positive attitude while confirming that “Is it possible to trade with confidence in the future?” “How about factory facilities?”

From ours with little experiences in society, from us we may be told that “This is a young crowd?”, But the opponent seems to be thinking, “I am still young but I have a desire to leave before.”

I think that matters are important.

At first we thought “Because I am young, I will not listen to the story” “I will only be paid in advance”, but such things never existed.

If you continue this cycle, you will certainly see new opportunities come out and opportunities to work together.

So we will never stop my feet.

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