〜Business Trip to Indonesia Last Day〜

2018, May 5th (Thu)

① Meeting with the people from Indonesian Consultant.

Although we could get up relatively slowly in the morning, it was hard to move to the meeting place.

We were not far from the hotel where the hotel was staying.

We have been caught up in the specialty unique to Indonesia.

Finally we have been caught in traffic jam.

Photo Credit: vaan_96 via Photopin CC

Originally it was a place we could arrive by taxi in 20- 30 minutes, but there was also taxi fraud, so it eventually got past the meeting time about 15 minutes.

We went to the shopping mall which is a meeting place quickly, but we got lost more than expected.

We received a call from the person in charge of Indonesian Consultant and got together safely.

We explained the purpose visited by Indonesia this time to them while showing the business form.

We explained in detail what kind of business Team IBIZA Indonesia is depicting in the future and confirmed whether we can develop business as a business partner in the future.

Originally this meeting was scheduled to come with the president and the manager at this meeting, but we could not participate because the unavoidable meeting was entered.

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