〜The Planning of Business Trip to Indonesia 1〜

〜A visit plan to Indonesia · Jakarta · Central Java〜

We planned to visit Indonesia during the six days from April 30 (Sunday) to May 5 (Friday). Flow of visiting to Indonesia

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① Visit to Indonesia Leading Wood Pellet Manufacture that we contracted with as Sales Agent and meet with their President.

We contacted with the person in charge of Indonesia Leading Wood Pellet Manufacture via e-mail for about 2 months, but the production capacity, factory facilities, future plan etc. are not clear. We will visit to confirm that it is really correct as to what is described on the homepage etc.

② Visit to Indonesia Leading Power Cable Manufacture which is in charge of the business contact Greeting to Overseas Project / Exporter

We are planning to receive an updated Appointment Letter. If there is time to spare, we will also visit the their factory.

③ Secretary and meeting of Vice President of Indonesia Jusufu Kalla (currently undecided)

I became a friend when the administrator participated in the Darmasiswa Scholarship / Indonesian Study Abroad introduced me. She has the experience of studying abroad in Japan and has experience working in a Japanese Company in Indonesia. When explaining our business, the president of the company she currently works is also concurrently serving as secretary of Vice President of Indonesia Jusufu Kalla. After all, when we are going to develop our business in Indonesia from now on, we have connections with the government and we have to find people involved in national projects. It is also to avoid risks.

④ Meeting with the person in charge of Indonesia Leading Wood Pellet Manufacture

He has abundant knowledge on biomass fuels such as Wood Pellet in Southeast Asia and Indonesia, and we shared information about throat out by mail and phone. We will have a meeting with him in Indonesia Jakarta

~What I noticed ~

What we need in developing our business in Southeast Asia · Indonesia etc. from now on will be closely related to suppliers · person in charge etc. Therefore, having business partners in charge of windows in Indonesia cooperate will be key. Everyone feels, but now the Internet environment is fulfilling and it has become easy to keep in touch with people from overseas with Line · Skype etc. It is satisfactory if it is friendship, but business is not enough. Mismatch communication always occurs in exchange of only e-mails and phones, which will hinder business in the future, so it is important to visit the site directly. We also shared information with local advisors, but Vietnam, China and Vietnam have sold off, and it seems that materials to produce Wood Pellet will decrease 5 or 10 years later. So it seems that Wood Pellet of Indonesia is more promising as it looks in the long run.

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