~ What we noticed in less than 2 months ~

Various information entered in a row in this week and it was difficult to arrange, so it was confusing days.

A fine mistake became conspicuous also when sending mail, and the Wood Pellet company in Indonesia may have been thought “Do you really want to trade?” About two months have passed since today, but I am in a situation where it is not going well. When it does not go well, we need to talk face to face tightly.

~ Small awareness and failure ~

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① Notice that there is a limit to the exchange with e-mails only

Although less than two months have passed since TEAM IBIZA INDONESIA began, we are keeping in touch with each other through e-mail or telephone only. Of course we have never met face with suppliers or customers and it is difficult to figure out what we are seeking between each other. Wood Pellet etc is the first field so it may be unavoidable that there is a mistake, but we have to study through suppliers and customer interaction on a daily basis.

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② insufficient transmission of detailed information

It is very difficult to share detailed information while our time does not match. We keep in touch with various suppliers, so we need to draw out our daily content. And since TEAM IBIZA INDONESIA started, it is less than two months, so we must always keep face to face in order to share information on Saturdays and Sundays.

~ Small Success ~

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① Promise to meet in early May

It is still provisional, but in early May I will meet with the person in charge of Indonesia Leading Wood Pellet Manufacture. Calling an emerging country like Indonesia is quite difficult, and the radio waves are not stable every day. Since I got the Appointment Letter, I have to face face with them. That is not only for this deal but for one to five years later as well. It is also very fun.


We pride ourselves on growing big in the past few months. Because our feelings etc. will not go forward. There are many things you have to fix every day, but speed, quality and comprehension are up compared to last month. We have to talk about once again how we should grow from now.


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