〜Meeting in Tokyo〜

Today is a meeting with a Business Partner at the cafe in Tokyo.

Meeting details

  1. Approach to a new Wood Pellet company in Indonesia

  2. About the production of the homepage

  3. Future plans to enter the Japanese market and the Korean market

1. Approach to a new Wood Pellet Company in Indonesia

Photo Credit: reynermedia via Photopin CC

We have contracted with PT.South Pacific as Sales Agent in the Japanese Market and South Korean Market South Korean Market and at the same time we will approach new Wood Pellet companies to aim for further “Stable Supply”. After all, considering “Stable Supply” as the main, we think that it is difficult with only  1or 2 companies.

2. About the creation of the  Homepage

Photo Credit: Florida International University via Photopin CC

We think that it is too late to create a homepage after launching a Biomass Power Plant Business and the number of visits by visitors is going to be also small. From now, it will become increasingly interesting and interesting for customers to make SNS and Homepage little by little to upgrade activity contents. Whether the project fails or succeeds it will surely have interest and concern. It might be a chance for people who would like to start a new business from now on.

3. Plan to sales to Japanese Market and South Korean Market

Photo Credit: Heidi Rummelhoff Ringstad via Photopin CC

There are already plan to be expanded Biomass Power Plant Business with low funding and environment consideration mainly in Southeast Asia. So we, IBIZA Corporation(Team IBIZA Indonesia)and South Korean Partner have already made a route to the South Korean Market, at the same time we already have plan about how to make a route to the Japanese market in the near future.


There are only Saturdays-and-Sundays and holidays where we can have a meeting with Business Partners. We felt that it would lead to big development by having efficient meetings and delivering ideas in a limited time.


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