~ What we noticed in less than a month ~

〜Team IBIZA Indonesia〜

It started just a little over a month but it was a period of small failures and big harvests. It is in a state that it is getting along with each other little by little, although it has just started. We think that we got small failures and great success in less than a month.

〜As a small failure …..〜

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① Mind that your mind will go ahead

As you can imagine as a business is “Big Money”. It is a failure that we have noticed it there and stepped on a big step. Even though we know that it is “Long-Term Business”, we noticed the importance of emotion control without getting caught up in the immediate future.

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② We will leave others

If there is a certain degree of Business Partner clearly comes out what you can not do. The thing that we can not do is to fail to leave it to my business partner until before. “We do not have such knowledge” We realized that it is important not to be conscious of being a little different from the task given to a business partner, rather than “difficult for me”.

〜As a big success …..〜

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① Sign a dealer agreement with the company

We are able to sign a dealer agreement with a company of Wood Pellet · Wood Chips in Indonesia superbly in the past month. We would like to take the mind that we are a medium-sized company that we targeted and that we will grow up companies that have contracted Sales Agency contracts in the future.


As Long-Term-Business it is tolerant of important things, and when our feelings are about to go ahead, we frequently keep in touch with our business partner and noticed that face matching is the most effective. We had a lot of feelings going ahead a couple of times and often bothered the Business Partners. Since I felt that we could share the atmosphere and feelings of each other by matching the face directly, I felt that we could align the pace, so from now on we would like to approach new companies by taking advantage of those points of reflection.

Thank you so much.

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