In 2017 the beginning of the New Year there is a relationship, we will be working as TEAM IBIZA INDONESIA from today

Three friends including administrator have already been working as Fertile Borneo, but we will continue to work in parallel.

To the project already involved in IBIZA CORPORATION, we are looking for suppliers of Low Quality Coal, Palm (PKS), Wood Chip and Wood Pellets to be used as a fuel for Biomass Power Plants, and a New Sales Route for the South Korean Market and Japanese Market. It is mission to build up.

At the same time, IBIZA CORPORATION will also be involved as a point of contact for Indonesian Leading Power Cable Manufacturer that we already contracted with as Sales Agent. Besides it, in the near future, we plan to add environmentally friendly Biomass Power Plants throughout Southeast Asia.

Three of the volunteers, including administrators, have no networking or knowledge in Japan, but we will continue to work with personal connections, knowledge and language cultivated in Indonesia.

Since we are planning to have meetings and study sessions every weekend on Saturdays and Sundays, I would like to upload activities.

Thank you so much.

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