【Biomass Power Plant Business】

Team IBIZA Indonesia is engaged in various Businesses as Indonesian division of IBIZA Corporation.

Promotion as a Japanese and Overseas Official Sales Agent of Natural Resources (Wood Pellets, Wood Chip, EFB Pellet, OPT Pellet, PKS, Coal, Bio-Coal, Power Cable, Peletizer..etc) towards Biomass Power Plants and Large Thermal Power Plants mainly located in the Japanese Market · Korean Market · Support work based on Direct Contract.

【Pepper Business】

The business of Fertile Borneo will grow Peppers aiming for “Expansion of Employment” “Regional Revitalization” “Expansion of Food Culture” by purchasing about 2.7 hectares of land on Derawan Island, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

【Job Seeking & Career Change】

We will support those who would like to work in Overseas as Local Employment and improve your own Career in Indonesia from now.